fb ordering kiosk malaysia

Find Out More About FB Ordering Kiosk Malaysia

Living in this modern era only proves how much we rely so much on electrical devices and the internet. Besides, we also prefer doing things conveniently, like checking in for flights with a self-kiosk or ordering food at a self-ordering kiosk at restaurants. Technology is taking over in the sense that it makes us rely more on convenience like this, going cashless and even managing and monitoring our financial expenses online. Hence, let’s take a look at FB ordering kiosk Malaysia, and understand what it is and what it does. 

What is a self-service kiosk?

To put it simply, a self-service kiosk is a machine that facilitates client interaction with a company so that they can receive service at their own leisure. It typically occurs at the point of sale for train and bus tickets. Simply pay at the automated machine and print your own ticket. There will be no need for you to hold up traffic or seek assistance.

Quick-pay restaurants, where the ordering and waiting processes are designed to be as brief as possible, also frequently feature self-service kiosks. The corporate world isn’t the only one that can benefit from these kiosks. They are useful for hotel and airport check-in as well as vendor and aircraft check-in. You and the company both benefit from the time savings.

fb ordering kiosk malaysia

What are the benefits of FB ordering kiosks?

FB ordering kiosk is also a self-service kiosk, where you will manage your menu and make your payments at the kiosk itself, then have to go to the physical counter to deal with the transaction. Following are the benefits of getting an FB ordering kiosk for your food and beverage business:


As we’re moving forward in this modern and high-tech world, it is only fair for businesses alike to provide services and similar technology to help improve customer services, as well as to ensure the workflow of the business runs smoothies. As aforementioned, going cashless is imminent these days, more often now especially after the pandemic, so having your own FB ordering kiosk provides them with the option to self-order and self-pay by themselves, without the need to interact with another person. 

With more self-service kiosks, more customers attracted

Having a self-service kiosk promotes easy access for more customers to do their orders and then make their own payments without queuing up for so long for one physical counter. Since most self-service kiosks are average in size, they won’t take up too much space in your restaurant, so having a bunch of self-service kiosks means you’re able to manage multiple customers at the same time. 

However, do note that the self-service kiosk must always be maintained in order to create a smooth flow of transactions, and to avoid holding up the line to other customers. Malfunction self-kiosk will only lead to dissatisfaction among customers and low-profit income of the day. 

fb ordering kiosk malaysia

Quicker services offered

Having self-kiosks not only will make it convenient for both customers and the working staff, but it will also quicken the service of the overall business. FB ordering kiosk will take each of the customer’s orders immediately and payment will be made through the kiosks as well, so the remaining physical manpower can be assigned to prepare and manage the orders, as well as clean up the restaurant space. Overall, having FB ordering kiosks is efficient, fast and convenient for everyone.