Why Fresh Graduates Have Difficulty Finding Jobs

As we all know with Malaysia’s economy nowadays it affects most of the nation that born, lived and currently staying in this country. Becoming one of the fresh university graduates makes you feel like you will get any job that you dreamt of easily, compare to people who don’t even manage to finish their studies. But too bad if you are living in this country you have to bear in mind that landing your first position is a catch-22 since organizations need to enlist somebody with experience, however, how can someone get experience if there’s no one wants to give them a job. People need to stop stereotyping or judge people based on what they are doing. It is very hard for an individual to find a job no matter how hard you have studied at the university only the experience and resume will help you get a job. That is how employment in Malaysia works. 

If you are wondering why most companies become real choosy in accepting new workers, keep reading this article it will answer all the curiosity and help you in the future in finding a perfect job for you and things that you can avoid while searching for one. Don’t forget to jot down every single point. Check out the reasons below!

#1. Poor First Impression

The first impression is the main thing a candidate should focus on. Most of the fresh graduates are still thinking that because they just finished studies that the company will consider how they dressed up. They have thought that the company wouldn’t care about how they look. That is one of the biggest faults that most of them create in their minds. Let’s face the truth, coming late for the interview, dressed improperly, and inadequately prepared, it not would send the best of initial introductions to the board of questioners and viably narrowing your odds of verifying a situation. So what is the right way to dress up for an interview?

The first thing that you should consider is a formality. For men, wear a shirt, slack, and tie. Don’t forget to tidy up your hair. While for women, wear something that looks nice on you. The casual look is a big no if you are going to a corporate company. Put on some makeup will make you feel more confident on the day of the interview. Other tips are, before an interview take some sweets or anything that will prevent bad breath. How you present yourself is how people will look at you and you never get a second chance to get an interview with a good company again, make sure you make it great.

#2. Bad Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills here means the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. Let’s be frank! We all know that companies will always want to know our visions and point of view of their company. There will always give you one common question such as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” The purpose behind why this regularly inquired as to whether the candidate really suitable for the publicized position and whether she or he has a future arrangement and recognizes what professional way is set up for the position. As a candidate, you should at least know how to think rationally and critically to answer the question by giving them a brilliant and makes sense answer. Most of the candidate is too focused on the skills that they forgot to make a research on what does the interviewer usual question.

Tips for this point are that if you are not a critical thinker you have to make sure you have prepared enough for the interview. You can just Google the questions on the internet or at least ask from people who had experience in going to interview.

#3.Expecting For High Salary and Benefits

Business Man Displaying a Spread of Cash over a green vintage background

Fresh graduates always think highly of themselves which they always put in their mind that they have studied very hard to get the degree all they know is putting them at a higher price more than what they should be getting as someone who doesn’t have any experience in working life. In fact, they don’t know how does it feel or what do working people do at work. They thought that what they have studied is what is working people do when actually it’s not because working is on another level of functioning your brain. The truth is they graduate because they revise the book for the final exam only not to apply it to work. So, as a fresh graduate be rational! With the little amount of knowledge don’t expect to get a salary of 3 years’ experience worker. Unless you have a connection in the company that can get you the position that you dream of yet don’t really know how to do work.

#4. Lack of interview skills

Let’s be honest only 5 percent of workers out there nailed their first interview. The percentage of not passing the first interview is very high this is because not everyone has the courage to open their mouth to talk with people who they rarely meet or even never meet before. Everyone will face the phase of shivering, sweating, and stutter during an interview this happens usually to the introvert. Introverts usually have an issue by showing that they are not comfortable with the situation. It shows by their moving when they are not comfortable they tend to move a lot and sitting uncomfortably. There are many ways to overcome this so-called “problem” or known as the first interview syndrome.

One of them is to make practices in front of the mirror if you are scared of getting laughed by your siblings or friends. The second will be, do a lot of research about the company and the position you are aiming for so that when they ask you about your knowledge of the company or the position you will have the answer at your fingertips. The last one just has faith in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will.

#5. Competition 

We are living in an era of people need to compete to get a place. This happens because we are living in the hierarchy of rich people rule! Most of them will always get a place even though they are not trying hard. Their parents will always use their connection to make sure their kids will get a place. It is unfair for middle to low-class families. Rich people always being selfish in making sure they get a place in a public university or even at work. They can just use the connection to get a position in any place they want. But it is a good thing that it is not the reason why normal people should stop trying.

All of the above are the reasons why companies are playing hard to get with fresh graduates and some tips that may help fresh graduates for their interviews. If failing interviews are the reason why most graduates out there chose to not work then it is a major problem with our nation. Like who taught them to give up easily. We already see people out there who can’t even afford to buy milk for their kids. Put aside about “them” having a family. They couldn’t afford to buy things for themselves because they don’t even have their own income.