Best Examples of Branding

Branding is everything when it comes to the identity of your company. A company without a brand is a company without a face and without an identity. To have a brand means that you have a chance at being successful.

It is a way to make you stand out as a company among the competition. Like people, brands need to have a sense of individuality, every company must be somewhat unique and special in their own way. 

To get branding right may be quite the journey, but when you have nailed it, it will bring about many benefits. 

We come across many famous and successful brands everyday. from clothing brands,  automotive brands or to food and beverage brands. 

With that being said here are some good examples of modern branding that we can  take a look at, it is most likely that you have heard of some of these brands before. 


This personal care company based in France is present in 130 countries. It is most likely that you have come across some of their products when going down the soap or body-care aisle in your local supermarket. Providing the best and innovative cosmetic products  to both women and men around the globe is their mission. 

The brand takes diversity rather seriously, it is through this that they have become renowned worldwide. The company does a lot of research to further develop stronger marketing campaigns, and so far their actions have been successful in getting the attraction of consumers from all around.  

Their brand has been established for a while, hence they have cemented themselves to becoming a strong one.


We all know Nike, one of the biggest sports clothing brands in the world. They usually market their brand towards professional athletes and are focused on ensuring that their products can achieve the best performance. Initially they started out with sports shoes, but these days they have expanded their product line and now you can find other athletic wear like shirts, tracksuits and so on. Their famous tagline, “Just Do It,” can be found on some of their products. But besides that the tagline itself has become a huge part of Nike’s identity. 

You may notice that the models Nike use are mostly not smiling, or in easy going situations, instead they are usually in the zone, training or in the game, with their game faces on. This tactic shows that Nike’s products appeal to those who are committed, and as such they can still appeal to those professional athletes. 

It is through this approach that Nike stands strong as a brand to this day.


Who can forget those Golden Arches. McDonald’s has become among the largest, if not THE largest. Nearly all nations in the world (nearly), have at least one McDonald’s outlet. But what is the key to their strong brand? 

Consistency and uniformity. What you can get in McDonald’s in one country, you can find in another. The fast-food company, like most other fast food companies, are consistent in what they offer regardless of branch location.

But McDonald’s can also break this, as well. For example, there may be exclusive food items served in different countries that can be used as marketing. For example, in Malaysia, McDonald’s offers Nasi Lemak as an item, in Thailand, they may offer the “Samurai Pork Burger.” 

Other forms of marketing that strengthens the Mcdonald’s brand may also include the vast array of toys offered in HappyMeals that we had at some point in our life.

Shangri-La Hotels

Founded by billionaire, Robert Kuok, this hotel brand is famous around the world as being one associated with high-end hospitality and luxury. In Malaysia alone, Shangri-La manages 9 high-end luxury hotels through Shangri-La Hotels Malaysia Berhad, a local subsidiary. 

When people here think of the name Shangri-La, they think of astounding luxury. And their brand is among the top luxury hotel brands in the world.


This company is a life saver for those who want to acquire furniture quickly and at the right price. Their products are of good quality and high functionality, making them the ideal furniture and household brand for people who have access to a branch.

It has become the world’s most recognisable brand for furniture operating in 41 countries with ore than 301 stores and 30 franchised units around the globe. The company manages to appeal to different demographics and countries by offering furniture products that can be found inside the country. For example IKEA stores in Japan would offer tatami mats. It has become a family friendly brand as many young families head over to their local Ikea to decorate their new houses. And let’s not forget about their delicious meatballs which they offer their own restaurant, situated in most of their stores.


It is without question that the Apple company has become the most successful brands in our time. Nearly everyone in the world would be able to recognise the Apple in their logo, it’s almost creepy! 

The brand is usually associated with unique and elegant designs for their products, their brightly lit minimalistic stores and helpful employees that assist you in your needs when you head over there. Their consistency in customer service, their minimalistic stores and their elegant products such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and so on has made them a brand to reckon with.

Look at the title the give to their phones, and tablets. Having that signature “i”, followed by whatever product they got makes people automatically think, “Apple”. 

Maybe Yours!

Who knows!? Perhaps Looking at all these examples may give you some new found inspiration on how to expand your brand and your company. But there is  one thing that all these brands have in common, the passion put behind them, the passion of the founders and the passion of their marketers. 

One of the main keys to successful branding is passion. And the help of a good Digital Marketing firm that could assist you, such as Sterrific. Find them here.

Another thing to remember to have is a product and service that is deserving of becoming big, that is one of great quality in which customers enjoy! So do those things, and more, and you got yourself a successful brand in the making.